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Introducing the Myriad II Platform. A large screen multi-user and multi-touch screen that makes creating interactive spaces a breeze.

Drop-in Table Touch Screens

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The solution

We've all seen large touch screens before in shopping malls and exhibits. You know the ones that you have to press multiple times to select something. Why don't they work smoothly like smart phones and tablets?

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Our Myriad II platform works smoothly like a smartphone and tablet because it's based on the very same technology.

Banyan Tree Sales Centre
  • Simply drops into any surface for no-fuss installation
  • Works effortlessly smooth with finger or gloved touch
  • Has multiple touch points to allow multi-user and interactive gestures like rotate and swipe
  • Works in any lighting environment and conditions
  • Auto-calibrates itself in microseconds when installed in new locations
  • Is fully plug and play compatible with any PC and is also available with PC Module
  • Has a glass surface that is scratch resistant and durable
  • Is available in more than one colour
  • Reliably works every time and all day
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Q1 Touchscreen

Our Australian engineered and manufactured platform allows for quick drop-in install into any table or bench. Myriad II is also VESA compatible so you can wall mount or stand as a kiosk

Available in two colours

Q1 touchscreen
Q1 touchscreen

to deliver your next innovative project

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