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Grow your brand with NFTs.

Why get into NFTs?

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos.

With the biggest companies in the world investing into the metaverse, there's no question that the digital world is the future.

Growing your brand in this rapidly growing ecosystem creates endless possibilities.

More than just art.

The most successful NFT projects are those which offer NFT token holders additional value through memberships, exclusive rewards, community interaction.

We believe in creating long term projects that grow the value of your brand and provide community value.

Integrate your business with Web3.

What is Web3?

The Web2 we're living through now is the age of centralisation, where much communication and commerce happens on closed platforms that are subject to a handful of super-powerful corporations (e.g. Google, Facebook, Amazon), who normally have control through central government regulators.

Web3 refers to a blockchain-based decentralised online ecosystem. Platforms and applications built on Web3 are not owned by a central gatekeeper, but by users who gain a share of ownership by helping to develop and maintain these services.

The benefits of Web3

Web3 is the future of the internet, where applications become smarter, more private, and more decentralised.

End-users will regain complete ownership and control of their data and have the security of encryption.

Web 3 allows users to have a single profile that works across multiple platforms. Users will own their profile and related data without sharing it with the company. However, if they choose to do so, the data can be more easily shared, its accuracy can be verified, and the data can even be sold to advertisers or brands.

Get metaverse-ready.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is not a specific technology per se, but a concept of how we interact with technology.

The metaverse can be thought of as an alternate digital reality where people work, play, and socialise.

Persistent worlds (virtual worlds that continue to exist even when you're not playing them), whether accessed via VR, AR or any device, can be considered metaversal.
A virtual world, like aspects of Fortnite which can be accessed on multiple devices also fit into this description.

This also translates to a digital economy, allowing users to create, buy and sell goods. In an ideal version of the metaverse, we'll have item interoperability. Meaning you can take your virtual items, avatars, etc., from one platform to another.

The opportunities.

The most successful brands in history have stayed relevant by evolving and understanding their customer's changing needs. We believe the metaverse is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses since the creation of the internet.

Get your products and services in front of more users. Imagine your online shop being more immersive, with options to purchase both physical and digital versions of your products.

Create unique online experiences for your users, like concerts, virtual house tours, meet and greets, seminars, luxury meeting spaces, exclusive previews to your products and more.

What we offer.

Customised Solutions

Project Analysis

Smart Contract Development

Experienced Team

Blockchain Security

Web3 Development

Monthly NFT marketplace volume has increased by 11,295% since the start of 2021.

Source: The Block | As of Nov. 30, 2021

Get into the space the right way.

We specialise in creating utility focused digital solutions to add longevity to your project and to:
  • Create unique brand experiences
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Encourage interaction
  • Create interest in your brand and product
  • Increase conversions and add revenue
Smart Contract

Our typical process.

We can help bring your project from concept to metaverse integration.
  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Minting
  • Launch
  • Post-launch support

Exploration. Education. Consulting.

Learn about how blockchain technology can benefit your brand, product, or business. Over the course of a session (or sessions) we focus on educating your team on the opportunities of Web3, NFTs and the metaverse, to show you how they'll add value to your business.

Project Strategy. Services. Marketing.

We specialise in NFTs that provide utility, so when all short-term gimmick projects have died out, yours is left standing and providing value to your customers. Our experts provide:

  • Utility first origination
  • Holistic services setup
  • Marketing strategies
  • Project longevity focused strategy

NFT Partnership.

An ongoing partnership between our team and your business. It combines our in-depth expertise with your ideas to find the optimal  approach to bring your NFTs to market by providing:

  • Creation and development of assets
  • Launch strategy
  • Blockchain selection
  • Pricing, sale and support

"Blockchain has the potential to add
$1.76 trn
to the global economy by 2030."

Source: PwC “Time for trust” report, 2020

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