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Construction management made easy and more efficient. By scanning the QR Code construction personnel can view information and communicate directly with construction management

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Developing property is a very challenging enterprise and requires all parties involved to execute their roles at the highest level. Whether it is a single level house or a multi-story residential development, there is always a common issue of miscommunication between tradespeople and construction supervisors, primarily caused by illegible or misplaced documentation. This leads to costly and time-consuming errors.

The easiest and most efficient way to manage constructions and developments 

A solution that allows tradespeople to view the status of any unit and communicate instantly with construction supervisors.

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Fast and constant

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On a construction site communication needs to be instant and cannot be dependent on an internet connection. This is why tradespeople rarely make use of emails and choose text messages as their preferred means of communication.


The platform enables the development company to add any information relating to the individual properties or units, which can be accessed by the tradespeople when scanning the QR codes.

 More importantly, the development company has total transparency on all the communication that has taken place in relation to any property and thus can monitor the progress and avoid nasty surprises

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Simplicity and ease of use 

Why complicate things when they can be so easy? We have compressed this crucial element in the succesfull completion of a property or unit into two steps: Scan QR Code and select Information or Send Message. Done

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We are problem solvers and software development experts. Our team of software consultants specialise in workflow and process automation with human-centred design. We also developed the worlds best Property Project Marketing Platforms and Software Portals in most industries from mining and emergency services to real-time video streaming. 


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