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We specialize in creating state of the art digital sales platforms. Utilising the best in multi-user and multi-touch screen technology, we bring any sales brochure to life.

Property Project Marketing

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'Bring your development to life with the digital sales platform that puts customers and sales agents in touch with your vision'

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It starts with us taking your sales brochure and bringing it to life in an interactive apps suite. These apps become your marketing team's state of the art sales tool.

The platform allows you to showcase all your projects in one centralized digital presentation tool. The platform provides a reliable and intuitive platform for your sales agents and a polished and engaging experience for your customers. Perfect for for mobile sales and display centre application

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Add in your choice of large multi-user & multi-touch screen tables or wall displays to engage visitors in your sales centers. Our mobile tablets also allow you to take your development to the doorstep of your clients.

Download interactive sales presentations onto your device to guarantee full accessibility no matter where you are, whether you’re on a plane or in the basement of a construction site.

Offline mode assures reliable and instantaneous access to your content.

Offline Mode

Oflfine Mode Plate

Interact with digital content as if it was on your desk.

The Plate® multi-touch app is intuitive and engaging for both user and customer

Multi-touch and intuitive

Multi-touch and intuitive Plate

Use wireless AirPlay or wired connections to throw your content to a separate screen. Wow your audience with Plate® as part of your sales pitch.

Compare and annotate while continuing to navigate through the presentation on your device. You can also simply mirror your screen and dynamically switch between both modes.

Share to the big screen

Second screen sharing Plate

Easily and seamlessly integrate any online experience including 3D walkthroughs, live maps, social media and any websites.

Integrate anything online

Integrate anything online

Now everyone can always have access to your most up-to-date content. Update any content, like a new render or plan, and all users will instantly be notified and updated on all devices anywhere in the world.

You also have complete control over who has access to which projects. Manage project distribution by easily sharing desired projects with specific individuals or groups.

Centralised and source controlled

Plate Source Control

Allow Plate® to do the work for you and let your clients engage with your content on their own. Use the password secure kiosk mode and a stand or case for quick and protected deployment in any location.

Kiosk mode with password

Plate Source Control

Compare finishes, views or digital floorplans. Then easily annotate your content and capture screenshots to share via email, notes, airdrop and more.

Compare, annotate and share

Plate Source Control

Familiar gesture control interactive software. Easily swipe up to close, right to share and left to enter full-screen mode. Pinch to zoom and rotate any content.

Gesture interactive control

Plate Source Control
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You will be in good company


Our solutions are currently used by some of the world's largest property project marketing companies and developers.

Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app

Industry leading self-managed and mobile sales presentation software for iPad

Digital Sales Book

We are the creators of the world’s first 10K interactive video wall

Custom development smart phone

Our local team of expert software developers have built state-of-art custom web portals that are currently used daily by some of the biggest developers in the country

Custom development tablet and computer
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RF properties sales display

Q1 Design are the pioneers of touch screens built seamlessly into sales centre fit-outs

Touch Screen

to deliver your next innovative project

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Q1 Design

We are problem solvers and software development experts. Our team of software consultants specialise in workflow and process automation with human-centred design. We also developed the worlds best Property Project Marketing Platforms and Software Portals in most industries from mining and emergency services to real-time video streaming. 


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