Learn where it all started and what drives our vision.

'With an ignited passion to bring digital to life and people together we began Q1 Design.'

- Cuan Naidoo, Founder/CEO

We were having lunch at James Street in Fortitude Valley. It was a typically beautiful sunny Queensland day. Looking around while waiting for our meals we noticed a group of older ladies sitting together. Obviously catching up to compare the grand kids grades we thought. Instead we noticed all of them playing on their smartphones! So this is what age we're in!

Even grandmas stop chatting during lunch to text or play Angry Birds!

It took years of research and development; trials and testing (both of our patience and the outer limits of technology) and an endeavour for perfection.

It was all worth it. Our solutions work and work beautifully.

We have applications in every industry because people work together in every industry. With colleagues or clients our solutions help you create, share and sell.

So with this in mind we observed people interacting and collaborating at work, in stores and generally everywhere. To our horror it was evident that the technology we love is keeping us apart.

With an ignited passion to bring people and digital content together we began Q1 Design.

For over 14 years, we've created custom software and hardware solutions with end-to-end support and expert guidance for some of Australia's largest companies.


We create interactive experiences and stories using next-gen technology solutions.

Let's work together