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Q1 design is a digital solutions and interactive software company.

we bring digital to life

Personality profile, team builder and conflict resolution app. 

Incident Reporting Platform for emergency service groups

The sales portal experience like no other

Property defect management for the 21st century

Innovative collaboration hub

Touchscreen Tables

3D Models

QR Code Manager

Collaboration Hub

Vehicle Showroom

Digital Sales Book

Video Walls

Property Project Marketing

Our team has the capability to bring any concept or vision to life, with our solutions currently used by some Australia's largest companies for their day-to-day operations


Interactive 10K Video Wall

Collaboration Hub.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Sales Portal

Our solutions are currently used by some of Australia's largest companies.


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Launched in February 2020 and is already used in 5 countries around the world

Helping you assess yourself and others

Powered by Smart AI using behavioral science methodologies

CONCORD: Personality profile, team builder and Conflict resolution app.​

From Copyright settings, to live Bible Verses displayed on users screens. It even talks to ProPresenter!

We've taken a complicated system and made it easy for everyone to use.

Unlike other services, we are not just providing a streaming or interactive platform. We are providing a central location for all Live Church services globally.


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Everything is done automatically

Increase, Engage and Excite

There is nothing like CLAP

Real-time video streaming with amazing interactivity. 

Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app
Gallery House sales app

Plate's Content Management System was made with the user in mind. 

Quicker to create than with Powerpoint. 

Creating interactive, engaging and intuitive presentations has never been easier. 

Don't just make presentations to present, make them to be explored and interacted with. 


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Content is made simple and easy to Manage

Design anything and bring it to life with Plate

The first presentation builder of its kind

Pesenting and collaborating  redefined


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An all-in-one package to make any financial application a breeze. 

Say hello to digital applications

Created from the ground up for the ultimate client and broker experience

Innovative, automated Financial Solutions.

Beta coming soon

With real-time signature rendering 

Designed from the ground up, our medical technology aims to provide a personalised medical service remotely.

Intuative and easy to navigate

With real-time signature rendering 

With ultra-low latency video

Bringing doctor and patient closer than ever

Everything health, - virtually.

Communities can see the impact in realtime hours

For managing, connecting, or following the good that organisations and people do.

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Integrating awareness models to create support for movements to flourish

Creating events with requirements based on modular forms.

A globally unified platform

Synched across all your devices

Create reports in seconds

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Monitor and resolve issues quickly and efficiently

Comprehensive information at a glance

Property defect management for the 21st Century

Used by over 300+ volunteers on the field

The most efficient and comprehensive reporting and training system

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Capturing and reporting on emergency events in NSW since 2018

Incident reporting platform for emergency services groups

Celebrating our success across all industries

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On behalf of the Billbergia Group I would like to thank you for the great service your team have provided us. Q1’s innovative products have provided us with the latest in quality software and hardware, which has been utilized to attract prospective buyers.

It is refreshing to work with a company that values customer service and constant communication throughout the design process. Q1 are extremely reliable, meeting our deadlines every time, without ever compromising on quality.

We appreciate the company's creative approach, which has helped us differentiate in the highly competitive property market and we will continue to use Q1 for our future design needs.

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We are all about functionality, experience and emotion

Forming strong partnerships

Taking a leap forward with AI and machine learning

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Invested in our community

We are the creators of the world’s first 10K interactive video wall

10K Video Wall

to deliver your next innovative project

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Q1 Design

We are problem solvers and software development experts. Our team of software consultants specialise in workflow and process automation with human-centred design. We also developed the worlds best Property Project Marketing Platforms and Software Portals in most industries from mining and emergency services to real-time video streaming. 


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