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Video walls are digital signage at its very best. They are meant to grab attention and provide information. With these key guidelines in mind, we created the ultimate video wall. The world’s first 10K Interactive Videowall.

Video Walls 

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That is exactly what we set out to create with the world’s first UW10K Interactive Videowall. Comprising of 24 55” LG ultra-narrow 0.9mm screens and a full 11520x4320 pixel resolution. The image detail is real enough to mesmerise onlookers with video so immersive they could dive in.

4K video wall? That’s old news. 8K video wall? Not innovative enough for us at Q1 Design. It is not often these days that you see technology that is so amazing it blows you away. 

Attention Grabbing

Video walls are most commonly seen playing a pre-programmed loop of images or videos. This is not an effective way to make use of a powerful communicative asset. We developed a mobile app to allow dynamic interactive control of content using a touch screen iPad. Experiential marketing doesn’t get any better than this.

Information at your fingertips

There are no limits to the number and position of screens used with our systems. You can have shapes and even multiple zones of different videowalls controlled by the same devices. Our installation in Brisbane, Australia comprises of a 24 screen videowall and second zone of 3 screens that can be controlled by multiple devices simultaneously.


You will be happy to discover that our video walls are more cost effective than traditional systems despite the superior functionality. Maintenance is reduced, and reliability is improved by using modular components. No more expensive video wall processors and controllers that are outdated by the time they are installed.

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White iPad Q1 Design
Black iPhone Q1 Design

Better for the bottom line

Display any image and video content from variety of sources

Zones make it easy to display multiple sources simultaneously

Custom user friendly iPad interface

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